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Web and Online Apps Development.

Combining amazing design, the latest innovation in application development and compelling narrative to help businesses grow online.

From startups to recognizable brands, from public organizations to NGO’s and from simple systems to complex apps. Websites, Mobile Apps and Internet Advertising.

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School Management System

Give your school a boost with this fully-comprehensive, customizable, world-leading school administration software application.

This is a comprehensive web-based school management software, personalized support, and vital online services every school needs to be successful.

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E-Learning Systems

In the cycle of innovation diffusion and adoption, hype precedes substance; technology-push precedes genuine demand-pull; and technology-centered precedes people-centered development.
       -  One Big Platform
       -  Different Cognitive Development
       -  Easy-to Use System : Effective Styles.

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A-mole Projects is an Information Technology firm with specialty in the web and online application development, IT training and support services, SMS system management, and emedia advertising services.

We strive to balance a leading-edge technology innovation with highly skilled resources to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and adaptive IT solutions that meet or exceed customers' needs.

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Our Success

With experience in most verticals, public and commercial enterprise, and across the spectrum of IT services, A-mole Projects is committed to the success of our customers and we measure our performance against achievement of their objectives.

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