Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate sustainability is simply approaching our business aims responsibly with an awareness of our surrounding environmental needs in order to fulfil stakeholder demands, achieve profit and still remain competitive. Corporate responsibility in short, is taking a fresh approach to our objectives at A-mole Projects in order to reduce the environmental impact on business and to meet the needs of our stakeholders, whilst maintaining a successful financial bottom line.

At A-mole Projects, we believe that by practising greater responsibility we would have a positive impact on the wider society.

Our achievements so far

What we intend to do in Ghana

1. Ethics
We will uphold the highest ethical standards in all of our business practices: responsible network deployment; responsible marketing; legal compliance staff and stakeholder engagement [all senior staff to have done mandatory anti-corruption training by end march 2010

2. Environment
We will reduce our carbon emissions and ensure compliance with all environmental requirements. We will do this by collaborating with all units to: cut down on energy use in offices; turning air conditioners off when out of office; ride staff bus instead of driving to work; use conference calling instead of traveling physically to attend meetings.

3. Care for the Needy
We shall contribute annually to motherless homes, homes for the aged as well as other non-governmental organisations involved in caring for the needy.