Intowebgh is full-service I.T Solutions Company offering an extensive range of Internet services to A-MOLE PROJECT's strategic focus is on IT. The people in our strategic business units bring these focus to life in new and exciting ways.


Put your new college degree to good use. At A-mole, we’ll give you the chance to play a key role in the success of the company and the opportunity to make a real impact. You’ll be given real work starting your first day in our internship program. And your experience will just keep getting better and prepare you for the real world task. Unleash your career at A-mole. We provide unique opportunities for growth and professional development, along with the potential for significant job placement.

At A-mole, you’ll hit the ground running starting your very first day. You’ll be given meaningful work and will have the opportunity to make a real difference. College students are typically hired as co-ops. A co-op is someone who works in a position that emphasizes on-the-job training. Co-ops usually work in our company for three to six months and then return to school. While at school, many co-ops are placed on a leave of absence at A-mole so they can retain their status as an employee should they decide to return for another co-op term or accept a position as a full-time employee after graduation. Others too work on partime whiles in school for about 30hrs/wk.


Our young folks are not left out, they are given training and interest building opportunities. We develop them in the IT, Marketing fields. These young are given the opportunity to have on the field training to develop their interest. What about the money? A-mole provides some stipends to all internship folks which we call Compensation. Our compensation package includes base stipend and profit sharing.

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